Web development and web hosting

Aarbei.co.za is a comprehensive one stop web hosting and design shop.

The creative design and website setup process is handled from scratch until the launch of your website. Thereafter dedicated support is offered through a service level agreement which is included in your hosting package according to your needs, as to ensure no hidden costs or bad surprises.

Web sites are developed and programmed starting off on a clean sheet of "digital paper". This ensures a website is more unique and secure. Industry standards for responsive website layout and design are kept updated by incorporating the best performing stylesheet frameworks available, into our work.

Why have a website? Some good reasons:

  • A website gives your business legitimacy.
  • A website ensures another marketing channel.
  • A website gives you opportunities for leads.
  • Internet and e-commerce spending keep increasing.
  • The internet is used like the yellow pages and phone books used to be
  • Customers would expect you to have a website and your competitors all have websites.
  • Be found on Google when you are searched
  • Showcase what you offer - essentially a website is a 24/7 online brochure.

Services offered

  • Dedicated support, Web hosting, Responsive web design, Web development, Search engine optimisation (SEO), Graphic design, Custom solution programming, Content writing and editing, Consultation

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