Portfolio: Web Application Development

Portfolio: Web Application Development

We provide dedicated support and maintenance for all clients / projects. Our services differ from elementary web hosting to complex online system integrations and ongoing development. Below is a short summary of web application projects worked on in 2020.

Wholesale Web Application

Customised wholesale ordering system and customer access management. Product Database. Automated synchronisation of web database and 3rd party stock database. Supplimentary stock detail database.

Tech used: MySQL, PHP7, Laravel, Bootstrap.

Medical Consultant Portal

ReactJS interface consuming back-end api integrated with web service.

Tech used: MSSQL, ASP, ReactJS, SOAP, Bootstrap.

Online Shop

Compact online shop front-end interface built with ReactJS. Back-end products administration and order status management.

Tech used: MySQL, PHP7, ReactJS, Bootstrap.

Restaurant Menu

Compact online menu front-end interface built with ReactJS. Back-end menu item administration.

Tech used: MySQL, PHP7, ReactJS, Bootstrap.

Book Club

Member access managed book club. Discussions.

Tech used: MySQL, Laravel, ReactJS, Bootstrap.



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